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Gold Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport

9300 Airport Boulevard
Orlando, FL 32827
407-825-1234websitePrice: Expensive
Area: MCO Airport

Staying at an airport hotel is never too "sexy", but this Hyatt makes the best of its busy and boring surroundings.

The property maintains an airport-like vibe with a huge, open and airy atrium lobby and common-area. Rooms either overlook the internal atrium or the airline runways outside.

Hyatt paid particular attention to soundproofing all 445 rooms, so don't worry about jet noise--you won't hear a peep. Along with thick walls, Hyatt also adorned its guest quarters with tastefully modern furnishings and cozy bedding featuring high thread count linens and plush duvets. Bring your Ipod because the rooms also have docks to play your tunes. And don't worry about your checked baggage--Hyatt staff will retrieve your luggage as a courtesy.

The in-house gym recieved equipment upgrades in late 2007. Top-of-the-line Life Fitness cardio machines are offered along with stack-loaded weight stations, dumbbells and barbells. Treadmills, bikes and ellipticals have individual televsions attached (bring your headphones).

In addition to the fancy treadmills, joggers have an outdoor option here as well. We thought we'd share the experience of one of our subscribers who wrote to us: "In the parking decks, there are elevators that go directly to the roof of the airport. So go to floor 11 and it will let you out at the airport's heliport or helipad. If you use the marked route, it is about 5 laps to the mile. If you go to the edges of the roof, then it is about 4 to 4.5 laps to the mile."

"It wasn't ideal, but it was neat since you could watch the planes take off and land and it was outside and not a treadmill."

"Also very, very quiet, The only negative were all of the TSA smokers who came to the roof for their smoke breaks. However, they stayed near the elevators and didn't bother me at all."

"This also might be a good idea if you have some lay-over time and would like to just get outside for a short walk or jog."

Unfortunately for lap swimmers, Hyatt's outdoor pool is for recreational and relaxation purposes only. And, your airport locale precludes a convenient off-site option.

Work Out Onsite

Hours - gym24/7
Treadmills3 Life Fitness
Upright Bike2 Life Fitness
Elliptical3 Life Fitness
Dumbbells5-50 lbs.
Free WeightsBarbells
Machines5 Life Fitness
In / OutOutdoor
Lap?Not Lap
ExtrasRunning Path

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