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Fauchon (Place de la Madeleine)

30 Place de la Madeleine
Paris 75008
014-265-1760websitePrice: Moderately Expensive
Area: Paris, FR

This luxury, super fancy, food shop is right next to Hediard, so take your pick. While there are a number of Fauchon stores across France, this is the flagship property and it's quite the place. If you need some unique and very Parisian souvenirs, come here. There is a café on site too that will provide a simple meal.

This place is over the top in its dedication to all things food. Breads, deserts, baked goods, teas, wines, coffee, hard to find food items and more. Enjoy perusing the very unique store and then hit the "boulangerie" for a snack. You'll find soups, sandwiches, salads, fresh juices, breads and tasty treats.

Open M-Sat 8a to 8p
Metro: Madeleine

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