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Gold Four Seasons Hotel George V

31 avenue George V
Paris 75008
1-49527000websitePrice: Expensive
Area: City Centre

Celine Dion and Kylie Minogue were guests during our visit to this upscale Paris hotspot to the Stars. Fortunately, the 100+ person crowd gathered outside the front door and the others milling about the lobby didn't prevent us from a peek inside. Four Seasons' Paris property is located only a block or two from the Champs and near many of the city's famous sights and attractions.

Room d├ęcor and amenities are fabulously French. Ornate furnishings, pastel blue and yellow tones, ruffled draperies and curtains, and Victorian accents will make you feel like the privileged guest of a very wealthy French family. "Merci beaucoup," and "Bon jour," will roll off your tongue as if you've been fluent for years in the language of love. Additional property highlights include the outdoor dining/drinking patio, Four Seasons' pampering spa, and its state-of-the-art gym.

The hotel's 24/7 gym stocks Life Fitness ellipticals, treadmills, and bikes (1 upright; 1 recumbent), a wide-ranging dumbbell set, and even a free-weight machine (Smith) allowing for bench press and squatting exercises. Ambiance is appealing (no surprise), but may be a tad dark for reading. The indoor pool is ornate and pleasing to the eye, but not conducive to lap swimmers desiring significant distance accrual.

Work Out Onsite

Treadmills2 Life Fitness
Upright Bike1 Life Fitness
Recumbent Bike1 Life Fitness
Elliptical2 Life Fitness
Stepper1 Life Fitness
Rowing1 Concept2
Dumbbells~5-65 lbs.
Free WeightsYes, Smith Machine
Machines4 Life Fitness
In / OutIndoor
Lap?Not Lap

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