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La Grande Epicerie Paris (7th Arrond)

38 rue de Sevres
Paris 75007
014-439-8100websitePrice: Moderately Expensive
Area: Paris, FR

This truly is a Great Grocery Store! Unlike Champion and Monoprix which are basic grocery stores, this place is upscale and gourmet. And what really gets our heart pounding is the huge selection of ready to eat food. Fresh salads, sushi, hot entrées and more! The grocery department offers over 5000 products from around the world along with fresh produce sourced from Rungis (see our listing), cheeses, breads, meats and more. So whether you are stocking your hotel fridge or looking for a quick and fresh meal, this place is for you.

If you are hungry, head to this grocery store for all sorts of ethnic cuisine, salads, sushi, sandwiches and more. The array of choice is big; the deli cases are impressive. If you like food, don't miss this place!
Home delivery offered. Shop and leave your cart.

Open 8:30a to 9p Monday-Saturday; Closed Sundays
Metro: Vaneau or Sevres Babylone. As a side note, for those longing for some American fare, there is an "American" section.

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