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Lafayette Gourmet at Les Galeries (9th Arrondissement)

40 Blvd. Haussmann
Paris 75009
014-282-3456websitePrice: Moderately Expensive
Area: Paris, FR

Lafayette Gourmet (and a host of other eateries and restaurants) can be found at Les Galeries, a big mall housed in an architecturally stunning structure. Lafayette Gourmet is basically a food hall and offers everything a foodie could desire under one amazing roof--pastries, breads, cheeses, meat, fish, fruits, veggies, fine chocolate, wines, and desserts. There are tasting bars, restaurants and deli counters. And if you can't find what you are craving right here, then look to the other restaurants in the mall--which we've quickly described below.

Head first to Lafayette Gourmet to find a tasty meal and to savor a unique experience. Other eateries at Les Galeries include the classic Le Lafayette Café, the age-old Angelina, home to the world’s best and most decadent hot chocolate, or the self service café on the 6th floor which also boasts a grill and salad bar. Also on the 6th floor is a traditional Japanese restaurant as well as a Chinese joint. Another eatery worth considering, L'Archicafe, can be found at Lafayette Maison and offers speedy service and a friendly menu of eggs, sandwiches, soups, noodles and a vast "food to go" section.

Weekly Fashion Show on Fridays at 3pm
Open M-Sat 9:30a to 7:30p and until 9p on Thursdays

Metro: Chaussee d'Antin. Check the info desk for a 10% off card (for foreign visitors)

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