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L'Espace Bikram Paris

5-7 Rue Meissonier
Paris 75017
+33 1 78 766 767website
Area: City Centre
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Just take a look at the photos. This is no ordinary Bikram studio. It's upscale and attractive...rather unique for a Bikram studio. High ceilings, a spacious practice room that holds 85, natural light, expansive changing rooms (15 showers for women and 10 for men) and other peaceful touches. The practice room floor is made of natural rubber and is cleaned after each class. 

A drop-in is 25 Euros and includes water and a mat. We especially appreciate the "visitors pack" of 3 days for 45 Euros. DON'T bring a mat. This studio requires you to use their natural rubber mats for hygiene reasons. Towels are 1 Euro each and water is also on hand.

We always recommend checking the studio's website before showing up to class, but generally the schedule is as follows: Mon/Wed/Fri: 9a; 12:15p; 5p; 6:45p; 8:45p, Tues & Thurs: 7a (only Tuesdays); 9a; 12:15p; 6:45p; 8:45p, Sat & Sun: 10a; noon; 4p; 6p. Also, make sure to check the website to see which instructors are teaching in English.

Metro: Line 3 Wagram Stop is closest -- 50m; Line 2 Monceau stop is 350m


Bikram Yoga welcomes beginners. This 90 minute class consists of 26 beginning postures and is conducted in a hot room (approx. 110 degrees) with, hopefully, high humidity. But don't be fooled into thinking beginning means easy, it doesn't! Iron men and couch potatoes, alike, have found themselves floored in "dead man's pose" just minutes into this challenging workout. You don't have to be strong or flexible or in excellent shape to do this yoga, you simply have to be willing. What we also really like about Bikram's is that every studio teaches the same sequence of postures so you always know you're going to get a full-body workout, a great benefit for travelers.

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