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Marche Biologique Raspail (6th Arr.)

116 Boulevard Raspail
Paris 75006
websitePrice: Least Expensive
Area: Montparnasse
This market truly is a festival of food and flowers and captures a lively snippet of day-to-day French culture The vast selection of cheese, fresh baguettes (some filled with fresh fruit), roasting chicken and cured meat, crepes, and irresistible pastries are appealing to the eye and mouthwatering. Freshly made food such as potato pancakes and crepes are also available along with handmade soaps and handbags. Other fan favorites at this market are the colorful and fragrant flowers--peonies, roses, wildflowers, just to name a few. You will encounter many locals doing their shopping for the week, as well as a number or tourists who are looking to enjoy Paris and its culture. 
Make sure to go to the market on Sundays from 9a-3p if you are looking to peruse through and/or buy bountiful organic products from a wide variety of merchants. Plenty of merchants are selling during the week and on Saturday, so don't worry if you can't make it on Sunday as you will still have a great experience. We also recommend bringing a shopping bag or two as you may be heavily lured by the fresh figs, sweet-smelling raspberries, and juicy red cherries...
Located between Rue Cherche Midi and Rennes (Metro stop Rennes), you will spot the market off of Boulevard Saint-Germaine-de-Pres in the sixth arrondissement. 
Sun 9a-3p

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