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Noura Marceau and Noura Pavillon (Golden Triangle)

27 Avenue Marceau
Paris 75116
014-723-0220websitePrice: Moderately Expensive
Area: Paris, FR

Noura is a Lebanese restaurant with 4 locations in Paris. The 27 Marceau Avenue location, Noura Marceau, is very casual with a snack bar and no-reservations brasserie. Just down the street at 21 Marceau is Noura Pavillon which is more upscale with white linens, warm woods, stylish wall frescoes, and cozy booths.

No matter which location you happen upon, Noura will satisfy with a menu full of athletic-minded possibilities. Grilled kebabs, grilled veggies, hummus, rice dishes, salads, fish, lamb, beef, lentil soup, etc. The menu is big and diverse.

Pavillon is more upscale--get reservations at 720-3333

Noura Marceau: Open daily from 7:30a to midnight

Noura Pavillon: Open Mon to Sat, lunch served from noon to 3p, dinner served from 7:30p to 11p, lunch not served Saturdays, closed Sundays

Metro: Alma-Marceau

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