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Bronze Novotel Vaugirard

257 rue du Vaugirard
Paris 75015
1-40451000websitePrice: Least Expensive
Area: Montparnasse

We cover this hotel primarily for those needing/wanting to stay in this outlying part of Paris (Vaugirard is about 15-minutes walk beyond Montparnasse proper). Unless you have business nearby requiring a convenient commute, Novotel Vaugirard's sister property in Montparnasse is a more sensible and appealing choice, better neighborhood, better on-site gym, better amenities. This somewhat isolated Novotel houses 187 rooms with simple yet appealing furnishings and d├ęcor. Bathrooms come standard with tubs for those who enjoy a nice soak after a long day on foot. WiFi is also available.

The on-site gym is a depressing room containing six old pieces of equipment. So, why do we recommend? About 3-minutes walk away is a small, but useful Club Med health club. 25 Euros is the going rate (pricey, we know), but it is a decent option in a city with very few convenient fitness opportunities.

Lap swimmers also have a convenient off-site option to consider: Piscine Blomet (about 10 minutes walk from the hotel).

We noticed that the Gymnase Raymond Burgard is located directly behind the hotel. We can't be sure what's inside since it was closed during our tour, so you may want to check it out or ask the front desk staff about it before heading to Club Med.

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