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Piscine Armand Massard

65 boulevard du Montparnasse
Paris 75015
Area: Montparnasse
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Lap swimming in a Parisian public pool is not for finicky swimmers searching for empty lanes, perfect water temps and pristine changing areas. Most Parisian pools are crowded, disorganized and a little dirty. We're not trying to dissuade you from swimming to/fro in the City of Light, but keep your expectations in check. Fortunately, entry fees can be very reasonable (currently 3.0 Euros at this pool) so a disappointing experience will not set you back too far.

Unfortunately, this popular pool in Montparnasse was closed for annual maintenance during our tour. So although we took photos of the entrance, we could not get a first hand look inside. We've read/heard mixed reviews of this unique pool located under the Montparnasse commercial tower. Swimmers will find two pools, one 33-meters in length and the other 25-meters. Don't be surprised if one is randomly closed on the day you want to swim. Water temperatures seem to run warm and we've read many complaints about the changing rooms/pool being dirty, but most of these reviews were written in French. If you're staying in Montparnasse, the pool is a short walk from all of the hotels. You can always check it out for yourself first to see if it's up to your standards. And, with an admission fee of only 3.0 Euro, your experiment won't be too costly even if you come away disappointed. (We don't recommend coming here from other parts of the city.)

Also keep in mind that Parisians do not follow the same lane etiquette/organization as swimmers in the U.S. and U.K. Speed signs are not obeyed and circle-swimming can be a foreign concept. Try to avoid the rush hours (especially weekends) and plan on swimming around (or over) others.

Entering a Paris public pool is fairly formulaic. Here is the typical step-by-step process:
1. Pay the admission fee and receive a ticket in return;
2. Walk to the reception in the changing area, remove your shoes, and exchange the paper ticket for a hanging basket (you'll also receive a wristband with the same number on the basket);
3. Don your swimsuit in a private cabin or the Male or Female changing room;
4. Put all of your belongings (don't bring valuables) into your basket and leave it with the attendant;
5. Shower before swimming in the (sometimes unisex) showers (keep your suit on);
6. After your swim, exchange your wristband for your clothes basket.

Note: All Paris pools require a swim cap for men and women.

Work Out Onsite

In / OutIndoor
Lap-Swim GradeC-
Length33 meters, 25 meters
Temperature 82F
HoursCall or check website

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