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Rungis Market

3 Avenue de Lorraine
Chevilly-Larue 94150
038-350-1085websitePrice: Expensive
Area: Paris, FR

This market is located outside of Paris but may be of interest to those who really LOVE fresh markets and food. However NOTE: you must have a commercial license to make purchases. But you can still come and look. It's more like a city than a market. There are a number of warehouses that specialize in a certain food. There is the produce warehouse, meat locker and flower building. It's almost like Costco on steroids. But keep in mind, from our understanding many of the Paris markets actually buy the goods from Rungis and then sell them at the markets. So you can skip the intermediary! If you can get in, you'll enjoy the uniqueness of mixing with French restaurateurs in search of ingredients. This is really for those who live and die for food.

It takes about 30 minutes (in the very very early morning) to reach Rungis and you need to make sure you can gain entry before going. There are tours. Also, right next to the Fish Hall, you'll find a gourmet fish restaurant called A la Mare. So if you get "stuck" at least you have a place to eat.

Open Mondays to Saturdays with different product sellers working on different days and at different times. Check website to verify, before visiting.


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