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Studio Kinetique

15 Rue du Sentier
Paris 75002
+33 (0)9 67 03 61 62website
Area: City Centre
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This sunlit filled studio attracts Paris' elite who come to de-stress and develop lean muscle strength and full-body flexibility, and is described as a "one-stop wellness retreat."  Kinetique's New York-raised dancer and owner, Moraima Gaetmank, mixes Gyrotonics, Gyrokinesis, and Pilates for a meditative full-body workout.  She is famous for saying, "Ten [sit-ups] done each day properly is better than one million done the wrong way".  Spend an hour with Gaetmank and/or her staff to feel renewed, reenergized, and likely a bit sore (good soreness).
Because of the personalized and hands-on approach that the studio takes, you will need to book a class ahead of time. You will get to choose the class (Gyrotonic, Pilates), time and the instructor from whom you'd like to take the class. An individual class by yourself costs 85 Euro and a class with a friend or partner "Duo Training" costs 45 Euro. 
Massages is also offered here.  Book an appointment via phone or email for a treatment. 
About the Workout
Gyrotonic exercise is centered around the neuromuscular system, enabling flexibility and strength from the spine. It helps the body move as an entire unit rather than multiple subparts and can be practiced on the mat or using a Gyrotonic tower. 
Pilates' main focus is to strengthen the core in order to develop a strong center. The great thing about Pilates is that it is adaptable to the level at which your body can perform. It can be exercised on a mat, or via equipment like a cadillac, Wunda chair, or reformer. Pilates will help you to move more gracefully as it will improve your posture and your body's center alignment. 
M-Thu 9a-8p
F 9a-6p
Sat 10a-5p
Sun by appointment

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