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In years past Philadelphia has been named America's fattest city by both Men's Health Magazine and Men's Fitness Magazine. As a result, civic leaders launched a battle of the bulge by funding a number of healthy lifestyle and obesity awareness programs and the battle is being won! The initiatives have reined in Philadelphians' expanding girth. In 2004 Philly dropped to #7 on the fat list and even better, in 2007 Cooking Light named it one of America's healthiest cities. In 2009, the city came in at #20 on the fat list showing up Los Angeles and Chicago!

Despite this progress, we still believe the City of Brotherly Love would greatly benefit from a few additional enactments: a) Limit cheese-steak and hoagie intake to one weekly serving. While enforcement may be difficult, roadblocks and random blood cholesterol screenings could be conducted by the police; b) Restrict all smoking activity to a Veterans Stadium memorial site, thus providing a destination for puffers to reminisce about the days of Ron Jaworski and Steve Carlton; and c) Ban all alcohol sales in the week following a Philadelphia Eagles loss, calorie consumption will be reduced while simultaneously rallying this city's fair-weathered fans behind their team even during a losing season.

A keen reader will notice that our pontificating excluded hotels and health clubs, and that's good news for athletic-minded travelers. Philly's accommodations are ahead of the waistband curve when it comes to providing out-of-town guests with convenient and worthy fitness facilities.