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Burgerville (Hawthorne)

1122 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, OR 97214
503-230-0479websitePrice: Least Expensive

There are 42 Burgervilles sprinkled throughout Oregon and Washington and while the two we list for Portland are a cab ride away, we figure that if you're out and about in the metro area, you're likely to encounter one. This Northwest based, privately held, chain serves up made to order burgers as well as a number of relatively healthy options. What distinguishes the chain is its commitment to sustainable agriculture, use of local ingredients and tasty seasonal menu items such as Walla Walla onion rings, Fuji Farms strawberry shakes and sweet potato fries.

In terms of ambiance, it's a fast food eatery with diner-esque flair. In 2003, Gourmet Magazine recognized Burgerville for offering the nation's freshest fast food! Burgers are made with Oregon Country Beef and cheese burgers use Tillamook cheddar. Everything is made to order. The "Healthy Choices" include the 9-grain turkey club sandwich, 1/3 lb turkey burger, grilled chicken sandwich, and original Gardenburger. Of these items, the grilled chicken is your best bet if you're watching calories. At 350 calories it's very sensible. The turkey burger tops out at 540 calories. Other menu items include salads (smoked turkey, salmon and grilled chicken), halibut, and a protein platter. Most locations also offer breakfast. Stick with the 2 eggs any style, side of ham or the ham and egg sandwich. Shakes, smoothies and desserts are also on the menu.

Open 6a to 10p daily; Free WiFi; Nutritional info on website

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