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As the business and tourist hub of the most mispronounced state in the country, Portland, Or'ih'gun, not Or'ih'gahn occupies some of the most beautiful territory in the U.S. Set amongst towering pine and fir trees, the Willamette and Columbia Rivers, and Mts. Hood, Jefferson and St. Helens, flying over this city on a sunny day is simply awesome.

Oregonians are a unique breed of folk, strong in their beliefs, confident in their abilities and unabashed in their fun. Beavers and Ducks fight the in-state rivalries, and Portland is the state's largest "dam" and "pond."

Downtown Portland offers visitors an array of attractions including funky retail boutiques, large department stores, quaint cafes, remarkable restaurants and beautiful scenery. Shoppers appreciate Oregon's no sales tax, but those travelers fueling the rental car must pay full-service prices. As if caught in a time warp, with no self-service option, gas station attendants pump the premium and take your cash (it creates jobs).