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Keva Juice (Reno/Sparks)

2838 Vista Blvd.
Reno, NV 89434
775-356-9898websitePrice: Least Expensive

Post workout, you may crave a smoothie, fresh juice or some other healthy infusion. Keva Juice offers a full menu of Jamba like beverages. The nutritional information is available online, but just to give you a sense of range, calories for a 24 oz drink can be as low as 175 for the Bulls Eye and as high as 542 for the Liquid Olympian. Most are in the 300-375 range. If it sounds sinful, it probably is.

There are Island Blends, Berry Blends, Red Bull Blends, Orchard Sensations, All Fruit Blends, Power Blends and Red Bull/Monster Blends. Veggie lovers may gravitate to the Green Smoothies. Those looking for a treat, the Koffee Blends will satisfy.  One free "element" is included--e.g. boost. You can also add on whey protein, soy milk, granola and low-carb strawberry dairy dessert. Fresh squeezed juices are limited to orange, carrot, lemonade and wheatgrass. Soups, baked pretzels, and Acai Rio Bowls also offered.

M-F 7a-8p; Sat 8a-8p; Sun 9a-7p

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