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Stone House Cafe

1907 S. Arlington Ave.
Reno, NV 89509
775-284-3895websitePrice: Moderately Expensive
Area: Downtown

Located just a couple of miles south of downtown, you'll find this charming restaurant with its huge outdoor patio and fire pit. While the outside seats are favored, inside, you will feel like you are in a friend's home. It's sort of a blend of a diner and a cozy cottage.  There are closely spaced wood tables, concert posters on the walls, a fireplace and other homey touches. The menus are quite diverse but be clear about your order. Steamed veggies may sound healthy but not when they add butter! We recommend Stone House more for breakfast or lunch than dinner. However, the breakfast menu is definitely better suited for big eaters while the lunch menu has plenty for everyone. All menus are BIG.

The breakfast menu offers a number of favorites such as Belgian waffles, pancakes (blueberry, banana, plain), French toast in several "flavors". Other eats include create your own scrambles, free range chicken sausage, garden veggie omelet, huevos rancheros, and for lighter eaters "Nature's Bonanza" which is a blend of oats, yogurt, honey, nuts and dried fruit. The only other sensible breakfast selections are the fresh fruit platter, oatmeal, yogurt, cottage cheese, and possibly a smoothie. The "Kale Hash" has promise and comes with grilled potatoes, fresh kale, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, ground turkey (or beef or chorizo), topped with two eggs and served with corn tortillas! Egg white options are not listed, but we're guessing you could get them.

The lunch menu has more to offer healthy eaters with ahi tartar, BBQ prawns, grilled fish tacos, and a BIG number of entrée salads such as seared ahi over spring greens, spinach, apples and blue cheese with radicchio. All the salads have option of chicken, salmon or steak. Other lunchables include a good number of sandwiches, burgers, pastas, and entrees such as blackened ahi or salmon, fish and chips and chicken marsala. The dinner menu offers crab cakes, BBQ prawns, steamed clams, nearly all of lunch's entrée salads, burgers, and an expanded selection of entrées (blackened salmon, sauteed scallops, Thai salmon, ahi tuna, stuffed sole, paella, shrimp linguini, various cuts of beef, chicken curry, meat loaf, and shrimp scampi). So many choices. 

Open daily but hours can change slightly for the seasons:
Open Sun and Mon 7a-8p; Tues-Sat 7a-9p (Breakfast can be ordered until 4p)
*Parking can be a pain

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