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Downtown San Antonio is a party waiting to happen. Along the meandering River Walk, fiesta opportunities abound. Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and hotels, make this area a fantastic destination for both conventioneers and leisure travelers. Attractions vary from the historical (the Alamo) to the whimsical (Fiesta Texas) with a great deal in between.

Prepare to have your healthy diet challenged in this "Tex-Mex" cuisine capital. Southern Texan and Mexican flavors combine to create mouthwatering breakfast, lunch, and dinner fare that you can fully indulge in knowing that we have your workout options covered. The expression "Tex-Mex" surfaced in the early 70's when cooking aficionados fixated on distinguishing between authentic Mexican food and the "mixed plates" served at so-called Mexican restaurants in the U.S. Mexican culinary fanatics cringed at the thought that they could be labeled as the creators of such "un-Mexican" Texan creations like hard shell tacos, chips and salsa, chile con carne, barbacoa, and breakfast burritos. Incidentally these North-of-the border delights are now enjoyed throughout the world. But do not expect to find them across the border-unless, of course, you are in a tourist zone.