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JoyRide Studio - Alon

10003 NW Military Hwy
San Antonio, TX 78231
Area: Northwest
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This indoor cycling studio's entryway greets athletic-minded travelers with a brightly painted wall that reflects its fun atmosphere.  Riders actually sign the walls when they’ve achieved a personal cycling milestone.  Inside the practice room, lights accent the dark grey wall and a mirror covers the wall that riders face when riding.  Bikes are situated stadium-style so that everyone can see the instructor. Through music and encouragement, instructors push riders to have fun while getting a great workout.  
Classes are 50 or 60 minutes long, except for the occasional 30-minute express class.  The most common class offered is called JoyRide, a 50-minute interval workout with resistance and speed training set to up-beat music.  The class also incorporates an upper body strength workout.  Another class frequently offered it the JoyTabata, which is a regimented high intensity interval workout.  The intervals consist of 20 seconds of high intensity and 10 seconds of recovery.  JoyEndurance is a class that focuses on improving endurance and fitness through resistance training.  Occasionally, other themed classes are offered, such as Celebrity! or Superheroes!  
Bikes are equipped with both clips for cycling shoes, and cages for sneakers.  Cycling shoes are recommended for their efficiency and are available to buy at the studio store, which also sells cycling shorts and shirts.  The bikes provided are 34 Schwinn AC Sport Performance Plus.  Because of the limited number of bikes, classes tend to fill up and it is best to reserve a spot ahead of time.  The restrooms and showers offered are spa-quality, digi-lock lockers are provided, and there is a filtered water fountain.
One class is $22. For new riders, the first class is free, then 3 classes cost $30.  The 30-minute express class is $14.
Classes are offered 4-6 times per weekday.  On weekends there are 2-3 classes per day.  The first class starts at 5:30a or 6a on weekdays and 7:30a or 9:30a on weekends.  Call or check online to get the most up to date schedule.
JoyRide is 3.5 miles from our two recommended northwest San Antonio hotels.  It is located in a shopping mall.

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CostFirst class is free; 3 classes cost $30; $14 for 30-minute express

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