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Mission Bay/Fiesta Island Loop

1775 East Mission Bay Drive
San Diego, CA 92109

Area: Mission Bay/Hotel Circle
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Mostly flat paved road and sidewalk running Popular area for local outdoor enthusiasts.

* Start/Finish behind the Hilton San Diego Resort off of E. Mission Bay Drive

* Follow the sidewalk South till it ends, then run on the road to Fiesta Island Rd

* Turn R on Fiesta Island Rd and follow the pavement clockwise around the island

* Auto traffic is typically light and travels one-way

* A shorter loop is available in the center of the island, just veer R at the fork

* Simply follow the road around to the entrance and head back the way you came along E. Mission Bay Drive

Total = approx. 6-mile loop


Athletic-Minded Traveler, LLC, in no way guarantees the safety and/or condition of this run route as these public paths and ways are not within our control. You are advised to use reasonable and prudent efforts to ensure your personal safety and security. Use of this map/route is at your own risk.

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