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Are you still looking for that perfect artwork to hang on the living room wall? In this adobe-style town, the decorating challenged will be inspired. Santa Fe's Plaza is unparalleled in its artsy offerings. Countless galleries, shops and restaurants line the capital city's center. And, less than a mile from the Plaza is Canyon Road, considered Santa Fe's true cultural focus. At 7,000 feet elevation, the thin air may finally loosen your purse strings.

Not surprising, this city's preferred hotels congregate here as well, but unless you are bunking at La Posada de Santa Fe Resort & Spa or a few other hotels, be ready to commute for a full-service workout. Downtown Santa Fe is long on southwestern charm but short on fitness options. Many accommodations, including the most luxurious, have nothing on-site. Those few that advertise this perk fail to fully satisfy athletic-minded travelers.

Swimmers should definitely bring their Speedos as one of the best community center lap pools can be found a short 15-minute drive from the Historic Plaza.

Fit ones can have it all here, a unique accommodation, a nearby top-notch workout alternative and the prospect of finally adorning those walls!