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Backyard Smokehouse

264 Dupont
Toronto, ON M5R 1V7
416-944-0908websitePrice: Moderately Expensive
Area: Downtown

While there's a lot of meat cooking going on here and loads of cream and butter...there's also grilling, shrimp, and a vegetarian cauliflower steak. So for those who like some vegetable bulk, that cauliflower will hit the spot. But you have to like cauliflower! So onto the description. This place prides itself in marinating and smoking meats. They are more positioned for take-out but you can dine in. Very casual.

For those who like BBQ, come on in and try it. Again, there are some vegetables to be had and a shrimp option. Everything else is mamma...cow, pig, chicken. The sides lean heavy but there is a Caesar salad, Kale slaw (creamy), baked beans, potatoes every which way, mushroom confit, poutine, and more. 

Open daily 4p-10p

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