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Kensington Market

67 Kensington Ave.
Toronto, ON M5T 2K2
websitePrice: Moderately Expensive

It's like a Farmers' Market on steroids with over 100 shops/stands selling everything from fresh produce to baked foods to vintage clothing and jewelry. Goods come from Europe, the Caribbean, the Middle East, South American and Asia. This community comprises a maze of streets and alley-ways that can be confusing, so just pick a route and have fun.

It's open daily and it's big. Along with the website above, this website is also helpful.

It's all about variety in this neck of Toronto. There are general and specialty grocery/markets, featuring natural foods, exotic spices, meat/poultry, cheeses, and fresh produce. The restaurant choice is endless and will especially appeal to those who enjoy ethnic cuisine. Count on Thai, vegetarian, Middle Eastern, Portuguese, Mexican, Chinese, Chilean, Vietnamese and organic cuisine.

Come for all meals; Open air market on Saturdays; Open 11a-7p Sundays
Tons of restaurants in the area

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