Brussels South (Midi/Zuid) Railway Station

We're in the midst of prepping our Brussels city content for the site and I thought I'd post a quick tip for train-riding tourists to this town:

Free train ride
I stayed in a hotel on the south side of Brussels and hopped aboard a train that took me to Brussels Central (Bruxelles Centraal) station--about a 5-minute ride. Inside the large Brussels South (Midi/Zuid) terminal, television screens showing route details hang from the ceiling at the bottom of escalators that zip riders up to separate platforms.

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Amsterdam Joins the AMT Party

Another week, another city. Europe's version of the "sin city"--Amsterdam--is now live on AMT.

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Easy Velib Bike Rentals in Paris

Now that Paris has gone live on AMT, we're excited to share some of the athletic-minded opportunities we discovered.

In July 2007, Paris began a public bike rental program ("Velib") that makes cruiser bikes available to anyone wanting to ride (see our photos). More than 20,000 bikes and 1,450 self-service stations are spread across the city.

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Bon Jour!!!

We're proud to announce that our Paris content has gone live! Maintaining a healthy and athletic-minded lifestyle is difficult enough throughout North America--in Europe it can be impossible.

As with other cities, our first hand tours revealed: Paris hotels with splendid gyms; the best health clubs, lap pools and run routes; healthy restaurants (including vegetarian options); outdoor activities and more!

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Smart OTC Pill-Packing for Overseas Travel

When there's a Walgreens or CVS on every other corner, there's no need to worry about finding familiar over-the-counter meds to help remedy an illness. But overseas travel to more remote countries can make finding a bottle of Tylenol as challenging as running a 4-minute mile. According to Robert Edelman, MD, director of the travelers' health clinic at the University of Maryland medical center, the savvy athletic-minded traveler headed abroad will pack the following five pills as an emergency supply:


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Birmingham, United Kingdom

Not only have we added our second UK city to the site, but we've decided to make all of Birmingham's content FREE!!

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Training and Tubing in the UK and Europe

Most travelers to the UK and/or Europe ride the efficient train systems--as they should. The vast network of underground, above ground, and high speed rails make airflight so...yesterday. We'll discuss the high speed arteries in a future blog, but here are a few tips to help you feel like a UK/European railway veteran:

1. London's Underground (aka "The Tube") - it's clean, quick, convenient and the first choice of London locals. Don't be afraid to take the Tube just because it's below ground.

Buy a DAY PASS and you'll enjoy unlimited access within certain zones.

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London is Calling

Today is a big day for us at When we first launched two years ago, like any new venture, we really didn't know how successful...if at all...this online business would be. Fortunately, our hunches were right and our company is thriving.

So, this Super Fat Tuesday is exciting for us because our growth continues into new territory. Today we launched our first European city--London.

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Using a cellphone in Europe and the UK

Unfortunately for American travelers, most U.S. cellphones do not work in Europe. I'll save the detailed explanation for the technical experts, but the bottom line is that U.S. cellphones operate on CDMA chips/bands and Europe's phones are programmed on a different standard...GSM. Just like the electrical outlets and plugs, cellphones are configured differently too.

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