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My "body guru" Kim Luckini recently checked in with me.

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Chicago Marathon Cancelled

36,000 runners toed the line for Sunday's Chicago Marathon. Only 4,000 finished. 88-degree heat and high humidity lead to over 300 hospitalizations and a decision by the Race Director to cancel the Chicago Marathon event at 11:30am -- some 3:30 hours after its start. Runners were advised to stop at miles 13 through 20.

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Chicago Triathlon Helpful Hints

As the largest triathlon in the world, the Accenture Chicago Triathlon is a popular race among beginners and veterans alike. Many of our members will be sweating along (and in) Lake Michigan in a few weeks, so we thought we would give some "insider" advice. Our staff has a collective 10+ years of Chicago tri experience. Here are some less obvious helpful hints to make it a great day:



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College Triathlon - Racing to Varsity Status

99% of our blogs are original content written by a member of our editorial staff. Occassionally, we come across a story that hits so close to home for our members and readers that we have to simply link to it. Here's a great New York Times article (written by Ray Glier) discussing triathlon's rise in popularity among the college crowd: Triathlon Finds a Fountain of Youth

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Boston Marathon Congratulations to Carolyn Day and Dan Funk!

Two AMT-ers finished today's wet and brutal Boston Marathon, Carolyn Day and Dan Funk. Their respective splits were:

12202 Day, Carolyn B.

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Expect a Cold & Sloppy Mess at the Boston Marathon

In addition to its grueling course with rolling hills that line up like passengers boarding a Southwest Airlines flight, Boston Marathon's extreme weather conditions are another element that contribute to the race's high degree of difficulty.

In 1961 and 1967 Boston Marathon's weather du jour brought snow squalls and farenheit temperatures in the 30's. The hottest temperatures ever recorded were in 1976 (mid 90's) and 2004 (86F at the finish).

Participants in this year's race (Monday 4/16) will likely experience all that Mother Nature has to offer...except extreme heat.

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AMT and McDreamy

A week or so ago Jim took a trip north to cover/watch the end of the Tour of California. What he did not relay was his "Hollywood" moment with none other than Mr.

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Pro bikes from the Tour of California

Some of you emailed, begging us to take bike photos while at the Tour of California. We didn't let you down. Take a gander at some of the hot bikes seen at Stage 7 in Long Beach:

Go to's home page NOW.

Scroll over and click on the photos to enlarge them.

Levi-less Gerolsteiner was the first team we came across:

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Tour of California Post-Race Coverage

The 2007 Amgen Tour of California didn't disappoint. The World's top riders and best teams turned out for another year of racing and the California crowds showed up in support. Over seven days, 1.6 million spectators lined the streets and towns across the Golden State to witness what is quickly becoming "The Tour beyond France."

Race organizers hope to add a few more stages (making 10 total) to the 2008 event and we hope San Diego is chosen as a Stage host city.

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AMT at The Tour of California

Just a quick note to let AMT-ers know that we will be at Stage 7 of the 2007 Amgen Tour of California tomorrow (Sunday).

The final stage will feature 10 laps around a 7.5 mile flat course through the heart of Long Beach.

We'll be sure to take a lot of photos and grab a few interviews, so check in for our post-race coverage on Monday.

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