Best Marathons for First Time Beginners

Did your friend/relative who completed a marathon this year inspire you to try one yourself? If you?re contemplating joining the ranks of marathon finishers, but not certain which race to run, consider the following best marathons for first time beginners.

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Rookie Post-Marathon Musings from Carolyn

Here are some thoughts from Carolyn after completing her first marathon in New York City:

I had a half mile to go. The big, bold sign told me so. I remember clearly thinking one thing, ?Okay, Carolyn let?s see what you?re made of!? I had taken in all the sites and sounds of the New York City Marathon for nearly 26 miles. It was my first marathon, after all, and I was determined to soak it all in. I had carried my smile with me for much of the run, even laughed out loud ? two million fans cheering your name will do that to you (I can?t believe I debated not writing my name on my shirt!).

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2007 Tour de France to Start in London?

Yep, that's right cycling fans. Next year's TDF will begin on English soil. While it's not the first time the Tour has held a stage in England, it is the first occasion for it to be held in the Brit capital city. What an awesome sight that will be!!


Millions of Londoners will no doubt line the streets with a bag of chips in one hand, and a British flag in the other, rooting for their favorite hometown boy.

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Ironman Louisville - new event

For those midwest triathletes who have been contemplating jumping into the Ironman distance, you now have another race in your backyard (other than Ironman Wisconsin).

Ironman Louisville will hold its inaugural event on August 26, 2007.

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No littering!

No doubt thousands of you are preparing to compete in upcoming endurance events.

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Swimming the English Channel

Over the weekend we rented a movie entitled On a Clear Day, starring Brenda Blethyn, Peter Mullan, and James Sives.

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It's a wonderful English flick for the entire family about an aging father's quest to accomplish something after being fired from his ship building job of 35 years.

I'll leave the details of the movie for you to watch, but I'm not giving anything away by writing that the father chooses to swim the English Channel.

Of course, the movie piqued my interest in the feat.

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Ironman Arizona Update

Despite unseasonably warm temperatures in Arizona's desert, nearly 1500 competitors

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Ironman Arizona today!

Today, Sunday April 9, marks the beginning of the North American Ironman season once again. 2,000 fit, trim, and some would say crazy, athletes will toe the line in Tempe for the second running of Ironman Arizona.

Beginning at 7am local time and throughout the day, amatuer and professional athletes will race side by side, some for prize money, others for a coveted qualification slot to the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii in October, and most just for bragging rights of calling themselves "Ironmen" and "Ironwomen".

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Tour of California

No, it?s not a convoy of Volkswagen Minivans puttering along Pacific Coast Highway nor a group of hot rod convertibles driving along Historic Route 66. The Tour of California is the first professional U.S. cycling race to attract the world?s best riders. And it?s happening this week!

While the timing of its inaugural showcase may not have been the best choice with all of the concurrent Olympics hype and spring training baseball around the corner, there is no question that big name professional cycling teams and riders have turned out in force for this 7-day event.

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