Ode to Joe

It was when we moved to San Diego in 2001 that I first visited a Trader Joe?s grocery store, and while I immediately appreciated the friendly pricing, it took a good year before I was totally converted. That?s about how long it took me to hone in on my favorite, and now essential, TJ items.

I have also discovered that those who find fault with the TJ concept have not really ?experienced? Trader Joe?s. They?ve tried it out once or twice and then complain that:

It?s too small.

Exactly, why I like it.

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Do not do this!

We come into contact with hudreds, well probably thousands of people who are active, athletic, slim and trim. Some are marathoners, some are ironmen/women, some are century-ride cyclists, others are long distance swimmers. In addition to their love of long distance sports, many of these high metablolism athletes also LOVE to eat. And, they believe that since their workouts are so grueling or time-consuming (maybe 1, 2, 3 hours/day or more), they can take pleasure in eating whatever they want, whenever they want it.

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Ignorance is bliss

Somtimes not knowing what is in something is a good thing. My brother for instance loves margaritas. Nothing is better than a night out with a few Cadillacs. One, two, three maybe four.

My brother also lifts weights and runs a little. He can't figure out why he the small rubber tire around his waist is inflating. Hmmm, well it could be the extra 1,600 calories getting sucked down. And that is assuming a pretty humble 400 calories per delicious cocktail. A large size margarita easily packs about 600 or more calories.

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