Just a coincidence?

Coincidence #1:

No sooner had I posted the information on grapefruit and its possible link to breast cancer, that I read in my August issue of Cooking Light some good nutrition news on this very same topic.

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More bad news about grapefruit

*Editor's Update July 6, 2013

Since the below information was posted, further research has indicated that the number of drugs on the market that react adversely with grapefruit has increased substantially to 43! Drugs on this list include Zocor, Lipitor, Nifediac and Afeditab. Other citrus fruits that contain "furanocoumarins" such as Seville oranges, limes and pomelos.

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Who is Alberto Contador?

If you tune into any of the remaining stages of Le Tour de France (daily on the Versus channel) this year, likely you will find the current leader of the race, Michael Rasmussen, battling head-to-head with a little known Spanish rider from Team Discovery--Alberto Contador. At 24, he is one of the youngest riders in this year's race.

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2007 Top 10 Hotel Lap Pools in North America

AthleticMindedTraveler.com is on a crusade. We seek to revolutionize the way hotels describe their gyms by identifying which properties truly provide ?state of the art? fitness centers. And, on behalf of our fish-like friends, we?re on a mission to help hotels understand the difference between a ?lap pool? and a recreational pool. For some reason, the hotel industry incorrectly believes that a hole filled with concrete, a few hundred gallons of water and a splash of chlorine amounts to a lap pool. Not quite.

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Bye Bye Basso

After only 5 months into his recently inked 3-year contract, Italian cycling phenom Ivan Basso has resigned from Team Discovery Channel (partly owned by Lance Armstrong). Basso was signed in November 2006 as the heir apparent to King Lance (he finished 2nd to Lance in 2005 at TDF) with hopes of returning Discovery to the Tour de France podium wearing yellow.

To his credit, Basso appears to have submitted his resignation unilaterally and without "encouragement" from team ownership.

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College Triathlon - Racing to Varsity Status

99% of our blogs are original content written by a member of our editorial staff. Occassionally, we come across a story that hits so close to home for our members and readers that we have to simply link to it. Here's a great New York Times article (written by Ray Glier) discussing triathlon's rise in popularity among the college crowd: Triathlon Finds a Fountain of Youth

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Expect a Cold & Sloppy Mess at the Boston Marathon

In addition to its grueling course with rolling hills that line up like passengers boarding a Southwest Airlines flight, Boston Marathon's extreme weather conditions are another element that contribute to the race's high degree of difficulty.

In 1961 and 1967 Boston Marathon's weather du jour brought snow squalls and farenheit temperatures in the 30's. The hottest temperatures ever recorded were in 1976 (mid 90's) and 2004 (86F at the finish).

Participants in this year's race (Monday 4/16) will likely experience all that Mother Nature has to offer...except extreme heat.

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Take a Nap

The Archives of Internal Medicine recently published results from a Harvard School of Public Health and University of Athens Medical School joint study regarding the potential benefits of napping.

Researchers followed 23,000 Greek adults over six years and measured their diet, physical activity, and whether they napped (a) never (b) occasionally - defined as 1-2x/week for less than 30 minutes (usually on weekends), OR (c) frequently - defined as 3 or more times per week for 30 minutes or more.

The results showed that occ

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Training Green

In Hong Kong, at the California Fitness Club (owned by 24 Hour Fitness Worldwide), ?power training? takes on a whole new meaning. Members can simultaneously pedal for fitness and help the environment. The club has rigged a number of its stairmasters and ellipticals to create electricity when being used. The generated energy is stored in a battery and used to power the club?s lights etc.

The March 1st WSJ ran a detailed article describing California Fitness? creative energy saving program.

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Lucy to carry Athletic-Minded Traveler guidebook

We are doing flipturns and Warrior poses over the news that Lucy has agreed to carry the 2nd Edition of our best selling print travelguide, The Athletic-Minded Traveler.

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