Lucy to carry Athletic-Minded Traveler guidebook

We are doing flipturns and Warrior poses over the news that Lucy has agreed to carry the 2nd Edition of our best selling print travelguide, The Athletic-Minded Traveler.

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Whole Paycheck just got Bigger

As our subscribers know, in our "Eat Well" section, along with the restaurants, cafes and farmers markets, we also identify grocers and markets that offer prepared, ready to go foods.

The Athletic-Minded Traveler staff often dines at a Whole Foods or Wild Oats when we're home and on the road. We love both. (My salads usually top out at about $14!) Anyway, today's news announcing that Whole Foods is buying Wild Oats immediately caught my eye. And as a stock owner I was happy to see that shares of both companies are up.

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Free McDonalds Coffee Every Monday

This may be old news to some--the promotion has been ongoing at many participating McDonalds for a while--but we are surprised to learn that at many Mickey D's the promotion for its new Premium Blend coffee continues. Every Monday through April 2007, it's free!!! No requirements to buy a Big Mac...just plain and simple free coffee.

And before you poo poo Ronald's "joe", we understand that it tastes pretty darn good since they modified their brew last year.

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Athletic-Minded Traveler aboard ExpressJet Airlines

This spring, ExpressJet Airlines will break off from Continental to begin operations as a stand alone carrier and passengers will be able to get athletic-minded traveler content on board.

"XJet" will target "under-served" markets with non-stop service on 50-seat planes. That's right, all routes will be non-stop. As its name implies, the company will fly jets, not prop planes, and each will have leather seats, only window and aisle chairs (i.e., no middles), and free XM Satellite radio.

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T-Mobile Cycling Team Leads the Anti-Doping Peloton

T-Mobile deserves much praise and recognition for leading the professional cycling pack in the battle against doping.

After witnessing the sport of professinal cycling endure multiple drug scandals through 2006, the telecommunications behemoth seriously considered redirecting its sponsorship dollars toward other sports (e.g., soccer, Formula 1, etc.).

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Whatsa Hookah?

If you are not familiar with Hookah (pronounced "hoo-kuh"), you'd better take note. This trendy, Middle East inspired method of smoking flavored tobacco through a tube is on its way to becoming the next big North American puffing sensation since cigars. Hookah bars are sprouting up in cities across the U.S. (18 yrs. and over), selling hookah pipes and tobacco is steadily becoming big internet business, and the Hookah culture/habit is pervading high school, college, and early twenty-something lifestyles.

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Duh! How to stop shrinkage

It was no surprise to this team when a new study revealed that EXERCISE can stop brain shrinkage.

The study states that the major kick in for brain shrinkage occurs in one's 40s (that's the true chronological 40s--versus the much touted 40s being the new 30s...or whatever!) and that 3 hours a week of aerobic exercise is all it takes to stop the shrinkage. And, BRISK walking counts.

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Chicago Hotels, Gyms, Restaurants and More

Chicago is one of three remaining cities (San Francisco and Los Angeles) to receive the U.S. bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

If we judged the three cities on the quality of their hotel gyms, Chicago would win hands down, with San Francisco receiving the Silver.

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Bike Prices Climbing

It's not only oil and gas prices that are jumping each month. Titanium, carbon fiber, and to a lesser extent, aluminum bikes are climbing like a cyclist on Alpe d'Huez.

Why? You can thank the aircraft manufacturing industry. Demand for newer and better planes and other flying craft is going "up, up, up". Which, in turn, means the demand for precious metals and synthetic fibers used throughout the plane-making process like titanium and carbon fiber, also "takes off". Titanium is made by refining and melting an ore extracted from sand--raw materials equal fixed supply.

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Another Technological Feet

Like many athletic-minded folk, I've had my fair share of foot problems and injuries through the years. Plantar fascitis, blisters, ankle tendonitis, and the worst of all...multiple metatarsal (toe) stress fractures.

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