NYC Marathon - Training w Carolyn

One of our editors, Carolyn Day, just learned that she is a lottery pick to run in November's New York City Marathon. Hooray!

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June is bike month in Vancouver BC

We love it when cities dedicate entire months to athletic-minded campaigns.

Not to be outdone by Chicago, San Diego, and Portland, June 1st marks Vancouver BC's month-long two wheel celebration! Bike month offers over 60 fun and educational events throughout the region including group rides, children's safety workshops, films, bikeway grand openings, and festivals.

The BEST site states it best, "Bike Month is your chance to discover quiet, safe, beautiful routes for excursions or everyday trips.

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Fitness come back, Jazzercise!

Okay, how about a quick game of word association? You say Jazzercise. I say leg warmers. You say leg warmers. I say the 80's. You say the 80's and without even the slightest pause I blurt out, Jane Fonda! But that was then. Or is it now? It's 2006, people, and I'll be damned if Jazzercise doesn't appear to be making, what appears to be, a come back.

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Health News Round-up

Several news items caught our attention this week:

First, ten states and over 100 municipalities have now banned smoking in all public places. Kudos to: California, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Montana, Vermont and most recently Washington. Virginia?s try for a ban was defeated last year; the law is pending in New Jersey and recently put on hold in Ohio.

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Baltimore, the fittest city?

The people at Men's Fitness are good journalists and they often write interesting and thought provoking articles, but their annual "Fittest City" list is becoming a joke. This year's list sacrifices accuracy for controversy in my mind, likely with the hope of creating more buzz and publicity for the magazine.

According to their "study", the Top 10 Fittest U.S. cities are:

10. Boston
9. Lousiville
8. Seattle
7. San Francisco
6. Colorado Springs
5. Milwaukee
4. Tucson
3. Virginia Beach
2. Honolulu

and America's Fittest City...

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Leading the young to fitness

This past Wednesday?s Journal of the American Medical Association reported that approximately one third of US teens could not pass a treadmill fitness test. The study suggests that this population may be at a higher risk for heart disease later in life.

There are loads of studies demonstrating the benefits of physical activity?from stronger cardiovascular health to improved mental well-being.

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Bye Bye Smokers

Ok, so my title may be somewhat harsh, but I must admit, whenever I learn of a city banning smoking in restaurants, at beaches, and in the bars, it puts a smile on my face. Chicago is currently in a power struggle over pursed lip puffing. New York City made the headlines last year after enacting a ban. And, the entire state of California has been discouraging public display of the habit for several years now.

Since municipal bans make me grin, you bet Westin?s decision this week to make all of its U.S., Canadian, and Carribean hotels smoke-free had me jumping for joy.

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