Chicago Triathlon Helpful Hints

As the largest triathlon in the world, the Accenture Chicago Triathlon is a popular race among beginners and veterans alike. Many of our members will be sweating along (and in) Lake Michigan in a few weeks, so we thought we would give some "insider" advice. Our staff has a collective 10+ years of Chicago tri experience. Here are some less obvious helpful hints to make it a great day:



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Are you chronically dehydrated?

Recently I read an interview of California-based Dr. Herman Falsetti--a board certified cardiologist and former Team Physician of the U.S. Postal Service Team, USCF Olympic Team, Ironman Hawaii and other impressive teams/events. The subject matter focused on hydration during workouts...what to drink, when and how much.

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AMT on writer, Allison Van Dusen, has just released a well written and researched column about working out on the road. Her sources are impeccable...including yours truly. There are a TON of exercise products on the market that will help you stay in shape on the road. While a few may be useful (We provided Allison with a few suggestions.), we at believe there is no better motivating force to work out during travel than a top notch hotel gym, a nearby competitive pool, or a scenic local run.

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When to Replace Your Running Shoes

July is the peak of training and racing for all amateur athletes. Chances are, if you're training for a marathon, triathlon, adventure race, or any other competition, you're wearing shoes that are a few weeks or months old.

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Triathlon Training in a 60-hour Work Week

A Pro's Schedule

Professional triathletes have it easy. Wake up, roll out of bed, head to the pool, come home, eat, take a nap, go for a run, shower, make a few sponsor-related calls, answer emails, have dinner, go to sleep, and then repeat.

Sure, they make themselves hurt during a swim, bike, run or strength session, but physical fatigue is much less grueling than mental stressors.

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Suns Out, Guns Out!

Ahhh, finally the entire country is experiencing consistently warmer weather again. This means convertibles come out of the garage in the northeast, boats are launched in the midwest, snow melts in the mountains, and rain turns to 'shine in the northwest.

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Useful travel sites

With so many travel sites populating the web, it can be challenging to quickly find what you are looking for, fast. Whether you're headed overseas or simply a few states over, our short list of useful sites will help you track your flight, call home, be safe, find Wi-Fi, and more.

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Flying to Europe? Avoid London.

No we're not advocating skipping a visit to the UK capital altogether. We're just making travelers aware that the brilliant British law-makers have imposed an airline ticket tax on everyone flying into and through London.

As of February 1, passengers who fly into or through London airports will pay new taxes and fees that can add up to $154 to the cost of a ticket. Even worse, the "air tax" is applied retroactively, meaning that even those who purchased their tickets last year will be hit with the new tariffs if traveling after 2/1/07.

Why the hike?

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Take a Nap

The Archives of Internal Medicine recently published results from a Harvard School of Public Health and University of Athens Medical School joint study regarding the potential benefits of napping.

Researchers followed 23,000 Greek adults over six years and measured their diet, physical activity, and whether they napped

(a) never

(b) occasionally - defined as 1-2x/week for less than 30 minutes (usually on weekends), OR

(c) frequently - defined as 3 or more times per week for 30 minutes or more.

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Athletic-Minded Traveler aboard ExpressJet Airlines

This spring, ExpressJet Airlines will break off from Continental to begin operations as a stand alone carrier and passengers will be able to get athletic-minded traveler content on board.

"XJet" will target "under-served" markets with non-stop service on 50-seat planes. That's right, all routes will be non-stop. As its name implies, the company will fly jets, not prop planes, and each will have leather seats, only window and aisle chairs (i.e., no middles), and free XM Satellite radio.

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