The Whole Paycheck moniker still fits

First a note: We love Whole Foods. We recommend the stores in nearly every city we cover. When I'm on the road, nothing hits my meal sweet spot better than a very large, build it myself, Whole Foods salad. In fact, we posted about our "can't live without" products from Whole Foods not too long ago.

BUT, we have also complained about the bagging service, moldy fruit, and prices!

So when I recently discovered that a product I bought (Dr.

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No pain No Gain

I think there is truth to this saying.

Of course, how one defines "pain" is the determining factor. In terms of exercise, I think the "pain" is a good thing. It's the burn, struggle, high, and/or sweat equity of the workout. It's what you come for.

If it doesn't hurt a little, what's the point? You suffer a little (or even a lot) and feel awesome afterward. And it doesn't matter too much what you do, swim, bike, run, yoga, weight lifting, aerobics...

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Good customer service earns brand loyalty

What drives product and/or brand loyalty?

Is there a product or brand that you are super passionate about? So "in love" with in fact that you think you would be the ideal commercial spokesperson? (I confess right now, that Barbara's Bakery would do very well to hire me at their pitch woman for Peanut Butter Puffins, my all-time favorite food for the last 8 years!)

Performance is definitely at the top of our list.

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What is your definition of kid friendly?

Athletic-Minded Traveler primarily serves business travelers and other adults who want to stay active, healthy and fit when away from home, so the term "kid friendly" isn't part of our daily lexicon.

We sometimes note if restaurants and cafes have a kids' menu in the EAT WELL section of the site, and as parents a few of our past posts have come from this perspective.

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Ultegra or Dura Ace?

I?m often asked this question by cyclists and triathletes about to purchase a new bike. (Note: A step back for non-riders?unlike the bikes sold at Toys R Us, REI, Sports Authority, and other general sporting goods stores, specialty bike shops allow for picking/choosing various parts and accessories to add to the bike frame. The most important decision relates to the gearing/shifting/drive-train mechanisms as these parts along with human power make the bike go (and stop). ?Dura Ace? is the Japanese manufacturer Shimano?s top-of-the-line group.

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Sheraton Shanghai offers a web worthy giggle

While the fitness equipment surrounding Sheraton Shanghai's glass enclosed non-lapper may not overly inspire athletic-minded travelers, the hotel's window washers clad in Spiderman outfits may do the trick!

Fitness fanatics who happen to catch sight of the friendly neighborhood hero look-alikes may suddenly find themselves craving a vertical thrill.

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Buy More Legroom on JetBlue

Airlines are charging extra these days for many items that used to be free: food, pillows, check-in luggage, help from the skycaps, etc. Southwest is now even charging more for those wanting to board called, "business fares".

Find your perfect hotel gym and more on

Now JetBlue is putting their spin on the nickel and dime-ing, but this concept is a good one.

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Defibrillators Should Be Mandatory at Marathon Finish Lines

Another marathon...another death. This past weekend's Little Rock Marathon is the latest event to have a participant expire after crossing the finish line. 27-year-old Adam Nickel of Madison, Wisconsin, completed the race, then died from cardiac arrest. According to early reports, emergency personnel attempted mouth-to-mouth resuscitation until an ambulance arrived with a defibrillator. If true, this fact raises a red flag in my mind!

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Skip-Stop Elevators

Here's a new approach to creating a healthy work and learning environment: midrise office buildings without elevators--or more accurately, without elevators that stop on every floor. At the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art (a Lower Manhattan private college), a new academic building slated to open in January 2009 will introduce students, faculty and visitors, to "skip-stop" elevators.

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The Most Athletic-Minded Presidential Candidate

Uncertain who to vote for this election year? Instead of looking at the candidates' immigration, health insurance or tax policy positions, maybe you should consider which of the remaining pontificaters most closely resembles your athletic-minded lifestyle?

Visit Now.

Okay, I agree, you should approach this important election with a more serious and well-reasoned approach.

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