Great Sweat Songs

In the spirit of the Grammy Awards--what a fantastic show that was last Sunday night (no lip-synching, no gratuitous profanity/nudity, etc.)--we thought it would be fun to nominate a few of our favorite sweat tunes.

What makes a good workout song in our view? It must be motivating (slow tunes put us to sleep). It cannot be too long (6 minutes or more of any song is overkill). And, it has to be clean (profanity first thing in the a.m.

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T-Mobile Cycling Team Leads the Anti-Doping Peloton

T-Mobile deserves much praise and recognition for leading the professional cycling pack in the battle against doping.

After witnessing the sport of professinal cycling endure multiple drug scandals through 2006, the telecommunications behemoth seriously considered redirecting its sponsorship dollars toward other sports (e.g., soccer, Formula 1, etc.).

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24 Hour Fitness gets high tech on access

Did I make a wrong turn? In my very early morning daze, I was a little confused. The entrance to my local gym suddenly resembled some sort of security checkpoint. What was this the Pentagon?

Okay slight exaggeration, BUT, entering in my 10 digit phone number and using my index fingerprint to get through the turnstile is pretty high tech for a quick sweat. And this is just a regular 24 Hour Fitness Center?not ultra, not even sport.

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Fact or Fiction: Vince Papale and Invincible

We rented and watched an entertaining movie this weekend, Invincible?a football flick based on the story of former Philadelphia Eagle, Vince Papale. It?s an inspirational, feel good movie portraying how an inexperienced 30-year old athlete overcame significant odds to make the 1976 Philly NFL franchise.

I?m always curious after watching a ?based on a true story? movie, how much truth there really was on the screen?

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I propose Hotel Sheet wars

Much to the benefit of travelers everywhere, hotel chains have gone head to head over which offers the best sleeping experience.

You have likely tested out one of the many sleep systems out there: "Heavenly", "Cloud Nine", "Sweet Sleeper", "Simply Smart", "Comforts of Home", "Elite Dreamer", etc. These clever marketing terms refer to various iterations of pillow-top bedding, adjustable firmness, mattress thickness, quilting, sheet numbers and thread counts.

What they do NOT refer to is NOISE.

Let me explain.

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Southwest has got your back

Southwest Airlines is on the recline. They've finally discovered (or admitted) that all seats on any given 737 have variable reclining distances.

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Whatsa Hookah?

If you are not familiar with Hookah (pronounced ?hoo-kuh?), you'd better take note. This trendy, Middle East inspired method of smoking flavored tobacco through a tube is on its way to becoming the next big North American puffing sensation since cigars.

Hookah bars are sprouting up in cities across the U.S. (18 yrs.

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Duh! How to stop shrinkage

It was no surprise to this team when a new study revealed that EXERCISE can stop brain shrinkage.

The study states that the major kick in for brain shrinkage occurs in one's 40s (that's the true chronological 40s--versus the much touted 40s being the new 30s...or whatever!) and that 3 hours a week of aerobic exercise is all it takes to stop the shrinkage. And, BRISK walking counts.

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Mt. Everest Documentary on Discovery Channel

The television in our household doesn't turn on very often. Parts of football games, a PBS program or two, and a mindless sitcom each week is about the quota. The outdoor SoCal lifestyle certainly helps keep one from the indoor blahs.

However, I am excited to see the premier of Discovery Channel's "Everest: Beyond the Limit."

Nowadays you can't judge a show on its promos, but they have piqued my interest enough to tune in on Tuesday 10pm ET and PT.

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Ironman Gossip: How not to be a Champion

After winning Ironman Hawaii for the second time in his career (2004), Norman Stadler demonstrated what can only be called very poor judgment and impulsive "moron-ity".

Minutes after crossing the finish line and in front of a live crowd of thousands in the stands, Stadler inexplicably removed his champion's wreath from around his neck, threw it to the ground, and shouted obscenities toward the crowd.

Of course, everyone witnessing was appalled, but none more so than the local Hawaiians who consider their maile leaved wreaths sacred--worn by

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