Tracking results, What a month of Bikram Yoga can do.

Nearly two months ago, I posted about my brother's quest to get healthy. He needed something drastic (His Doctor said so.), and he chose Bikram Yoga as his tool.

It's amazing. Completing 30 classes has produced significant results. Here's what Steve tells me:

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Drs Orders: Get Healthy or Else

"Never too old, never too sick, never too bad, never too late to start from scratch and begin again."
- Bikram Choudhury

I?ve been practicing Bikram Yoga for nearly 6 years. And until last week, I could not convince anyone in my family (aside from Jim) to try it. There?s always been lots of talk about the possibility and even a few near misses, but alas, nothing?until NOW.

My older brother and his wife have drunk from the Bikram fountain and I think they just may be hooked. I hope so. My brother needs Bikram Yoga.

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In San Diego play, exercise and FUN

In San Diego we are blessed with good weather year-round. Even when it's "bad" it's still pretty darn good, especially compared to many other cities across the U.S. When we moved here from Chicago, we happily left behind winter's brutal chill and summer's unrelenting humidity...

But then mother nature delivers a wallop and forces us to take note of what we've got and how quickly it can change. Since Monday we've been glued to the TV and have remained indoors (save going to and from the car). We're very lucky. We did not need to evacuate.

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Yoga, Meditation, Marathon, An Athletic Evolution

My "body guru" Kim Luckini recently checked in with me.

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Too Much Tech

In today?s modern and technology-crazed world, it?s easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest gadgets. Millions of digital watches, GPS trackers, electronic mile-pacers, heart rate monitors, I-pods, Walkmans, etc. are sold every year?each uniquely marketed to help you train better, run faster and/or make your workout time pass quicker.

Although these gadgets do offer training benefits, it is VERY easy to become addicted and completely reliant upon them. Sure, there are certainly worse addictions: ice cream?chocolate?crack.

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Another reason to choose distilled water

Over a year ago as part of a post on sweating out impurities (It was just before New Year's!), we touched upon the potential benefits of selecting distilled water over spring, tap or purified.

Now that PepsiCo?s Aquafina and Coke's Dasani (as well as some other sellers) have been outed for using municipal sources for their supply?e.g, tap water?we are further incented to purchase the distilled variety or even do the "green" thing and switch to tap.

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Do you practice Bikram yoga?

For those who answered "YES", don't miss the "HELP US add more studios" request at the bottom.

Athletic-Minded Traveler LLC is dedicated to providing first rate information to those who prioritize an active and healthy lifestyle. All of our hotel and work out venue recommendations are based upon first hand personal tours.

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Are you chronically dehydrated?

Recently I read an interview of California-based Dr. Herman Falsetti--a board certified cardiologist and former Team Physician of the U.S. Postal Service Team, USCF Olympic Team, Ironman Hawaii and other impressive teams/events.

The subject matter focused on hydration during workouts...what to drink, when and how much. Like many experts, Dr.

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When to Replace Your Running Shoes

July is the peak of training and racing for all amateur athletes. Chances are, if you?re training for a marathon, triathlon, adventure race, or any other competition, you?re wearing shoes that are a few weeks or months old.

Finding the right pair of running shoes is an extremely important task?and one that multi-Ironman Champion Paula Newby Fraser has blogged about here.

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2007 Top 10 Hotel Lap Pools in North America is on a crusade. We seek to revolutionize the way hotels describe their gyms by identifying which properties truly provide ?state of the art? fitness centers. And, on behalf of our fish-like friends, we?re on a mission to help hotels understand the difference between a ?lap pool? and a recreational pool. For some reason, the hotel industry incorrectly believes that a hole filled with concrete, a few hundred gallons of water and a splash of chlorine amounts to a lap pool. Not quite.

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