Mumbai Athletic-Minded Connections

One of my friends was in Mumbai for the Grand Opening of India's first Bikram Yoga studio. Bollywood stars and local dignitaries (along with approx. 25 American representatives) gathered at the Mumbai Marriott hotel for a 10pm Bikram Yoga demonstration and party to follow on Wednesday night.

Grenades exploded and guns were fired at the nearby domestic airport just as the yoga festivities began (airport shootings were not covered by the media).

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Practice Yoga Anywhere. And We Mean Anywhere.


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Stop the Yoga Mat Stink

Here at Athletic-Minded Traveler, we fully support the pursuit of hot, sweaty yoga as a means to enhance your overall wellbeing.

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No pain No Gain

I think there is truth to this saying.

Of course, how one defines "pain" is the determining factor. In terms of exercise, I think the "pain" is a good thing. It's the burn, struggle, high, and/or sweat equity of the workout. It's what you come for.

If it doesn't hurt a little, what's the point? You suffer a little (or even a lot) and feel awesome afterward. And it doesn't matter too much what you do, swim, bike, run, yoga, weight lifting, aerobics...

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Tracking results, What a month of Bikram Yoga can do.

Nearly two months ago, I posted about my brother's quest to get healthy. He needed something drastic (His Doctor said so.), and he chose Bikram Yoga as his tool.

It's amazing. Completing 30 classes has produced significant results. Here's what Steve tells me:

visit our site to travel healthy wherever you go

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Drs Orders: Get Healthy or Else

"Never too old, never too sick, never too bad, never too late to start from scratch and begin again."
- Bikram Choudhury

I?ve been practicing Bikram Yoga for nearly 6 years. And until last week, I could not convince anyone in my family (aside from Jim) to try it. There?s always been lots of talk about the possibility and even a few near misses, but alas, nothing?until NOW.

My older brother and his wife have drunk from the Bikram fountain and I think they just may be hooked. I hope so. My brother needs Bikram Yoga.

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Do you practice Bikram yoga?

For those who answered "YES", don't miss the "HELP US add more studios" request at the bottom.

Athletic-Minded Traveler LLC is dedicated to providing first rate information to those who prioritize an active and healthy lifestyle. All of our hotel and work out venue recommendations are based upon first hand personal tours.

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The Real Power of Yoga

Reading about yogini Miri Harouvi's quest to reduce stress for riders on Tel Aviv's public bus system by using her 21 years of Ashtanga yoga practice reminded me why I love yoga (and subscribe to More Magazine).

Miri leads commuters in deep breathing and gentle seat stretches during the 45 minute trip through the city's capital. Miri and her partner/husband Gilad are well known yogis in Israel and abroad.

Should your travels take you to Tel Aviv, be sure to check out their studio!

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Ya know Yoga is mainstream when

McDonalds bag upright.JPG McDonald's puts a picture of a Yogini on the outside of their paper bags! We already know the heavy cholesterol fries and high fat burgers inside the bag don't make most of us say, "Yum". But, will what's inside the bag make us say, "Ommm"?

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Taking the fun out of sports

There seems to be a ?scandal? every week in professional sports.

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