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Cyclist vs. Biker

Don't call me a biker, i am a cyclist. Here are some helpful hints to distinguish the two on the road:

Cyclists wear spandex, nylon and polyester - Bikers ride in denim and leather
Cyclists prefer a quiet ride - bikers love to hear the Hog set off car alarms
Most cyclists wear helmets during a ride - most bikers believe hard hats are for pansies
Cyclists ride from coffee shop to coffee shop - bikers ride from tavern to tavern
Bikers use their wrist muscles for propulsion - cyclists use quads, hams, calves, feet, ankles, hips, back, abs, arms, etc., etc.
Cyclists often head out at 7am - bikers head home
Cyclists shave their legs - bikers....c'mon!

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Know the feeling - mine is

Know the feeling - mine is just the same and as a result of this I am now running road cycling tours in Northern thailand - not south america maybe but real awesome cycling - perfect roads, breathtaking landscapes, fab food and wonderful hospitality!! Tempting? Our website is being updated as we speak so give us till christmas then give us a browse and tell all his cycling mates! this is a tour company run by cyclists so that we can live and work our passion!! Top qualily and we are seriously out to please! But no - not S.America!

hubby is also a cyclist, and

hubby is also a cyclist, and refuses to travel for more than five days unless he can take his bike. Have you travelled to South America? We'd love to go for a few weeks, but we're having difficulty finding info on cycling down there. Thx!

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