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Detox Strategy #2

Bikram Yoga. Ever heard of it? It's hatha yoga practiced in a very hot (and fairly humid) room. The 90-minute class consists of 26 beginner poses. Did you catch that? Beginner poses, meaning anyone can do Bikram yoga. As founder Bikram Choudhury says, "never too late, never too old, never too bad, never too sick, to start from scratch once again."

In fact, a typical Bikram class is likely to be populated equally by young and old, big and small, in shape and out of shape, flexible and tight, strong and weak. It's the heat and how hard you push that challenge both beginners and seasoned athletes alike. Oh, and you'll also sweat. Have you ever consumed a gallon of water over 90 minutes? I do it nearly every day.

So if you need a real detox consider dropping in for a Bikram class, or just try it because you like new things. With studios across the country (and world), there is likely one nearby. And because every class is the same (same poses, same dialogue, same timing), you know what you're gonna get every time.

While, some studios (San Diego's Old Town location) are arguably hotter than others, the full-body workout is consistent. Need more heat? Bring an extra layer.

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let's add "never too young"

let's add "never too young" and get a bikram class for kids started! i have not doubt children of all ages could benefit greatly from the focus/meditation/discipline skills you hone practicing yoga.

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