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Best Hotel Gyms

Whether you're traveling on business and want to find the best hotel gym in Chicago, New York, Boston, San Francisco, or Dallas; or, have a little vacation time and are in search of the best hotel gyms in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Miami, or San Diego, this site has you covered. Go Now! However, we are often asked, "What are your criteria for the best hotel gyms in a given city?"

Keeping in mind that our hotel recomendations are not ONLY judged on their gyms--we also consider the presence of other athletic facilities (e.g., lap pools, tennis courts, etc.) and the quality of the guestrooms, restaurants on site, amenities like 24 hour room service and high speed internet access etc.--we like to see the following hotel fitness center features offered:

1. Multiple treadmills - the most frequently used piece of cardio equipment and essential for cold weather winter workouts;
2. Upright bikes - the hotel's size will dictate the quantity we prefer, but just having a recumbent bike is not enough in our opinion (that said, we of course would not leave a hotel off of the list simply for not having one);
3. Recumbent bikes - certainly more popular than uprights for the general population, but don't tell that to triathletes or cyclists, who prefer the upright version;
4. Ellipticals - due to their costly price tag, hotels will often stock only one or two, but these machines have made steppers and climbers second class citizens;
5. Dumbbells - at least a range of 5 to 50 pounds, but more is better;
6. Weight machines - it's not just about cardio in our book, strength equipment is just as important and finding 4 or 5 stack-loaded machines (those that require a pin) always makes us smile;
7. Ab balls and stretch cords - always the least appealing exercises to perform, but very important for a strong core and healthy back.

If a hotel gym also provides free weights such as bench press, plate weights, barbells and the like, extra credit is certainly awarded.

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Four Seasons SFO is on the

Four Seasons SFO is on the site (see San Francisco) - Sports Club LA is awesome and on the 2nd/3rd floors

Boston Harbor we toured but didn't recommend, sounds like they may have updated?

San Francisco - Four Seasons

San Francisco - Four Seasons on Market - Sports Club LA in Basement

Boston - Boston Harbor Hotel - Great Gym, not huge, but well apportioned, and recently refreshed

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