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NYC Marathon - Training w Carolyn

One of our editors, Carolyn Day, just learned that she is a lottery pick to run in November's New York City Marathon. Hooray!

While Carolyn is a phenomenal tennis player, Bikram Yoga junkie, and half-marathon finisher (7:29/mile pace at last year's San Diego half), she's never attempted or trained for a marathon. The rest of the gang will be setting up a training plan for her and, at times, training with her. Over the next several months, you will be able to follow Carolyn's training via this Blog and even pilfer some of the workouts that our "expert" runners will have her performing. We will share with you specific workout plans as well as nutrition/hydration and other training tips. So, if you happen to be training for an October/November marathon as well, reading our "Training w Carolyn" Blogs should provide some good advice.

Training begins next week...Stay Tuned!

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I won't be able to keep up

I won't be able to keep up with her...but I can't wait for the advice on how to try! Looking forward to the tips.

Congratulations... I'll be


I'll be running the USMC Marathon a week earlier, so I'll read all the tips... :)

Happy training!

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