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Nougat Bits Cereal

Nougat what? Until traveling to Germany recently, I never had heard of these chocolate nutella-filled, crunchy, cereal squares that are just deeee-licious! 

True, they're not exactly healthy, but they became a breakfast staple for me--I even brought a box home to the States. To my tastebuds' dismay, Nougat Bits are not sold anywhere in the U.S. Trader Joe's carried something similar until a month or so ago, but not since. And Aldi's USA stores don't seem to offer them either. Can't figure out why?

The box I brought home was gobbled up by Erin in a few days!! Next time I think i'll bring a larger suitcase.

FYI, NOW there is something similar on Amazon -- but who wants to pay $13 for a box of cereal??

Nougat Bits Cereal

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What is really depressing is

What is really depressing is that both of the chocolate filled cereals mentioned above use palm oil for the "chocolate". No cocoa butter. I have tried both and the Arrowhead Mills is better, but no comparison to what Trader Joe's used to stock. There really is no good chocolate cereal out there that I have tried. Most are more sugary than chocolatey.

When we saw the new Krave by

When we saw the new Krave by Kellogg's, we thought hooray, it's the nougat bits cereal. NOPE. Not even close. The taste is unnatural. We looked at the ingredients. Palm oil...not even real cocoa butter...Not good.

Well Arrowhead Mills also

Well Arrowhead Mills also makes a version. We tried it. Not bad. Not too good, but better than the double chocolate Krave. I guess we'd need to try the regular Krave (not double chocolate) to really give it a fair shot.

I know this post is old, but

I know this post is old, but I just wanted to say that I live in Texas and found this cereal at my local H-E-B. I didn't get them but searched them on google and that's how I came across this post, they worth getting? They actually weren't HORRIBLE nutrition-wise..

If you crave chocolate and

If you crave chocolate and love cereal, Trader Joe's used to make whole grain chocolatey filled cereal. This must be the one you mention above. Bummer it's been discontinued.

But there is another option that you can order online. It's called Puffy Creams Cereal made by Telma. Specifically called "Telma Shefa Puffy Creams Cereal Nougat Filled Puffed Cereal". You can order it from specialty Kosher stores for about $5/box. All in Kosher is one source. The flavor isn't as good as Nougat Bits or Trader Joe's version, but it's close.


Yum! These are my favorite!

Yum! These are my favorite! Chocolate Muesli is also a German cereal staple for those who need sugar for breakfast.

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