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Bike Lanes in Germany and Europe

Bike lanes in Germany--and throughout Europe for that matter--are so common that you actually notice when there isn't one. Two things I noticed about German bike lanes:


1) Safer - In the city centers, they are part of the sidewalk NOT the street. Thus providing additional protection from car traffic.

Red Bike Lane in Cologne Another Brick Bike Lane in Koln








2) Fancier - No white painted lines nor large gaudy "Bike Lane" words here. It's simply assumed that pedestrians can differentiate between the bike lane and sidewalk. Look at the impressive labor and materials used to build: Building a Bike Lane in Germany Another German Bike Lane Example - Asphalt Next to Cobblestone U.S. cities may not be able to afford hand-laid brick bike lanes, but anything they can do to encourage commuting by bicycle should be prioritized.

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Agree with you 100% I was

Agree with you 100%
I was just thinking about getting a bicycle this morning, but then I thought "I don't want to risk my life competing with cars" and here in Los Angeles you can't ride a bicycle on the side walk, it is against most city regulations (some people do it but technically you can't do it)
I had not thought about having a different section just for bicycles, that is a brilliant idea and I wish they would implement it in Los Angeles and other U.S. cities.

Thank you,
Jennifer Andrews

normally in DK bicycle lanes are all over the place, in the community where i live about 25 km south to Copenhagen, the bicycle lanes are like "roads" not running beside normal roads, but are like small roads, spinning through city areas, means no cars..
, only in areas where ther eare no room, for a special road it is generally made between pedistrainian area and "car-road"
like this:

Living in the city where

Living in the city where picture #2 is taken, I only can tell you:

Don't envy us for that.

Have a look at the complete road:,6.9396736,3a,75y,351.22h,72.13t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s-5MZjHdJwHN7fe4NjG-NUQ!2e0

This is actually one of the worst cycle lanes in the whole city - and this is one of the most busy roads of the city regarding pedestrians, cyclists, subways and ... cars,
These red stones get slippery once its wet (yes, and thats the sort of weather we have a lot over here in cologne) There is no chance to passing slower cyclists. You can clearly see that cars have 3 lanes in _one_ direction there, while cyclists are put off with something as width as a hanky tall.

Oh, and while you may think its more safe - its definitely not at all. the risk of getting struck from turning cars is "only" 11 times as high.

Oh, and one more thing - the blue sign actualy prohibits using the safer car lanes.

Down here in Australia there

Down here in Australia there is a war going on between motor vehicles and bicycles. Those folk behind the wheel demand bikes be 1)licensed just at their car 2)don't mind being hit once in a while 3)bikies know there place, which is on the sidewalk and 4)stay off all pavement.
Bicycles are, just as motor scooters, a growing item mainly due to the high price of petrol. Most of the roadways/streets, however, were not designed for such vehicles. Certainly all, and I mean ALL, Aussie motorists do not bother to see anyone not in another car or truck. Pedestrians beware!
My question is: how come people don't stop, take a look at how things are being handled elsewhere in the world? Why must the local way be the only way? Why does every one want to re-invent the wheel?
Why, oh, why?

Hello, I am a City and


I am a City and Regional Planning graduate student at the Ohio State University. I am conducting research on bike infrastructure costs for one of my classes.

Do you know how much it costs on average (per mile or kilometer) to install smooth surface bike lanes on brick or cobblestone streets?

If not, do you know of any resources that might be helpful? Thanks very much for your help.


Hi Michael, Sorry we can't

Hi Michael,

Sorry we can't help you. Our expertise is content creation for healthy travelers, consulting about fitness/wellness and creating jog/walk route maps for hotels.

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