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Delta Airlines Bike Fee Policy

If traveling with your bike and shopping airfares, definitely consider the cost to ship your bike as part of your overall ticket price. Also check this updated post.

Editor's Note: This post was partially updated 2023.

Delta is not overly friendly with its policies; and they are clearly stated. If your cycle is under 50 lbs and fits the packing size guidelines, it's a "standard bag" and costs $50.  BUT, do the size restrictions mean big surcharge. Be careful. And mind that if the size of the carrier is over $100 lbs or the outside linear dimensions (length + width + height) exceed 115 linear inches (292 cm), the item will not be accepted

Delta charges $175 for domestic U.S. travel and a whopping $300 for international travel. With the baggage fees increasing, travelers are checking less and carrying-on more. That should mean more room in the belly of the plane. So, why not give athletic-minded travelers a break on bike fees, golf clubs, surfboards and the like?

On my last trip to Germany, I paid $550 round trip. If I had flown Delta and brought a bike, it would have cost me more than half the passenger ticket to ship my bike to/fro. That's not right!!

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As of July 2019 Delta

As of July 2019 Delta eliminated their domestic US extra charge for sporting equipment like bikes, skis etc. Now only normal checked baggage price applies.

Thank you for the update. The

Thank you for the update. The article is dated. We need an update on ALL airline policies with respect to cycles! Interested? :)

Any ideas on ways to ship/fly

Any ideas on ways to ship/fly tri bike to Ireland from the US? Doing a tri race in Belfast and US Airways wants $400 return for bike (not overweight - bike weighs just 18 lb)

Delta Sucks !!!! I will be

Delta Sucks !!!!
I will be spreading the word to as many people as possible

Delta does suck. I just got

Delta does suck. I just got bopped with $200 / segment charge for a bike, 38 lbs. with all my gear in the bag...not overweight by Delta standards...and packed in a soft-sided case, so it just looks like a big piece of luggage. What a dilapidated airline...

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