For guests of the Hyatt Regency Boston or those staying near it, follow this route to get to the fantastic Charles River activity trails.


A popular marathon training route along the Charles River and past famed universities. Our route outlines 9 miles, but take any of the bridges for a shorter/longer loop.

* Our distance begins on the NW corner of Boston Public Gardens at Beacon and Arlington Streets

Paved route that starts/ends at Hyatt Regency Cambridge, but pick it up anywhere along the paved path and choose your bridge crossing. A fantastic run in the heart of this historical running town.


This is a convenient jogging route for anyone wanting a glimpse of "The Green Monster" . The route is a paved path that encircles The Fens--an open park and marshland filled with trees and a rose garden. Hours 7:30am to Dusk. To get there from Fenway:

This run is perfect for people who want to get a feel for the Boston Marathon by running its last stretch which includes Heartbreak Hill. The public transit "T ride" will take you about 35 minutes from Downtown.

Located in the Belvedere Arcade section of the Prudential Center, Flywheel Sports Back Bay offers more than just an indoor cycling experience.

Ahh, the efficiency of the indoor cycling workout! Rev'd will get you revved up! There's also a SoulCycle in the area, but we thought you may like that this studio also offers Bootcamp classes. The studio is located on the first floor of Copley Place next to a Cafe.